Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Steady Dose of Meh

I didn't get back to the blog before February ended. Life's still hectic. Fortunately I haven't been ill (I've felt under-the-weather, but haven't actually been sick).

My ears haven't been bothering me as much, but my eyes are doing something weird.
I'm still doing those spine exercises almost constantly.
My nails have been stronger this month.
My acne medication is still not working.
Still annoyed with this unknown allergen.
Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue.
I should invest in a thermometer because I think I might have had a few fevers lately.
I had blood work done to see if I am low on vitamin B... I haven't heard back from that doctor. Note to self: Call them Monday. 

I have 47 days until graduation, I have a lot that I need to do between then and now. I think about those assignments and deadlines almost constantly. Along with the stress comes a wave of fear that I won't be able to do everything. This leads to more stress which leads to more fear and the more fear and stress I have the more I feel inadequate. It's not quite a feeling of hopelessness, it feels more like its distant cousin. Last May one of my doctors suggested I try going gluten free (I never did because I'm a vegetarian and most of what I eat is gluten), I've been thinking about trying that in mid-May (I just went shopping and bought a bunch of gluten and I won't be able to control what I eat when I'm in Mexico).


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