Monday, December 10, 2012

Finals Week

I have four more days until break. Although I don't have any finals I was assigned three papers... One that determines whether or not I get my degree (15 pages), one in a literature class (6 pages), and the last one is a reflection of my third class (10 pages). For those of you who don't excel at math, that's 31 pages. I've finished the ten page paper and four pages of the paper for my degree. 17 pages left. 

My biggest problem writing all these papers is finding a comfortable position to write. I herniated a disc in my spine, so unless I'm in an extremely comfortable chair (let's face it those don't exist on a college campus) sitting isn't a good choice. Instead I have turned to writing in my bed, this of course comes with its own issues (unintentional naps). 

Recruiting members for my mission trip has been stressful and this stress plus paper writing is starting to have physical manifestations (more hair loss, stress headaches, I have a sore throat/ ear ache). 

Keep your chins up friends.

"The light's growing bright further up, further in"
"Onward and upwards! To Narnia and the North!"

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